Young Barista Restored the Hope of a Grieving Woman with...

Young Barista Restored the Hope of a Grieving Woman with These Three Words

March 15, 2018
Coffee with a Note

We are all going to experience a big heartbreak that will truly ruin the best in us. Even if we don’t want to go through these tough times, we have no choice but to simply accept it and pray for God’s help.

Yes, prayers can do move mountains. And if you will just put your faith and hope in God, you can be sure that you will reach your destination with a big smile. The same thing goes with the heartwarming story of Diana Register.

Diana shared her story of grief and incredible loneliness at Love What Matters. She wrote about her late husband Chad who died due to pancreatic cancer. Wayback in 2015, they have discovered that Chad has jaundice.

After the doctor revealed that post deadly disease, their lives were changed to the point that they have felt like the whole world stopped.

“The world stopped. At least mine did. His did. People rushed by doing their jobs, talking about what they were doing that weekend, yet my eyes were fixed on the doctor in front of me who was explaining what was happening. Her lips were moving, but everything was in slow motion. Sounds were coming out of her mouth. I assume they were words, but I can’t remember any of them,” Diana wrote at Love What Matters.

Then after 18 months, the terrifying day for Diana came. And that’s the death of her husband. She has shared that her grief was almost unbearable. She is always crying and her state of emotion and heartache is consistent all the way regardless of the places that she is visiting.

So parking lots became my go-to place. Big shopping centers worked best because the other people who were there were busy. They were on a mission to get inside or get out and get home, and not usually super interested in the girl sitting in the car screaming into her steering wheel.

Then one day when she was stuck in the coffee line, a young barista did a small act of kindness that really make a big impact on her life.

“She took one look at me and saw how disheveled I was and said nothing. She just handed me my drink. A drink I didn’t order because I couldn’t even muster the words, but a drink she would know I wanted,” Register explained.

“I tried to smile when I took it from her and drove away and finished my call. By this time, I had pulled into a parking stall and was trying to regain my composure. I reached for my iced coffee, and when I looked down in the cup holder, I saw it. A pink straw, and the words “We love you” written around it. Ugly crying again.”

A simple act of kindness and compassion from that young barista really helped her a lot. Even if Diana is totally unfamiliar with that person, she still felt lucky because there are still good people around us who are willing to extend their help even with just a pen and pink straw.

This girl barely knew me. I don’t even think at the time she knew my story. All she knew was that at that moment, I was hurting. She couldn’t fix it. We couldn’t talk about it. She couldn’t hug me. So she used the only tool she had in that instance – a pen, and a pink straw.