Woman Gives Birth To Embryo Frozen for 24 Years

Woman Gives Birth To Embryo Frozen For 24 Years – Here’s What Happened

January 2, 2018
Image of Emma Wren

“Miracles do happen, big and small. Wait, hope, pray, and persevere, and never, ever give up faith that God will hear and answer the deepest desires of the heart.” – Lisa Shefferly-Gillay

Faith and love for God should always be maintained inside our hearts. We should never forget to share to others how good and amazing are all his works and plans because one of the best ways for us to show our love to HIM is by spreading HIS goodness and that His miracles are indeed 100% true.

And to prove that He moves in mysterious ways here’s the amazing story written by Kat Manos about a woman who gives birth to a miracle baby named Emma.

Sometimes, I am so amazed by how incredible science is!

Just last month, history was made by a 6-pound, 8-ounce baby named Emma Wren. She was born from an embryo that was frozen 24 years ago — the longest an embryo has ever been frozen and brought to term.

The SF Gate explains that little Emma Wren was previously conceived by a couple in the early ’90s and frozen on October 14, 1992, only two years after Emma’s now-mother, Tina Gibson, gave birth to her.

Despite being frozen in 1992, little Emma was placed inside Tina’s uterus in Tennessee just this year, which is how Tina gave birth! So amazing.

Doctors are calling her birth a “miracle,” and I can’t say I disagree.

Emma’s father says of the newborn, “Emma is such a sweet miracle. I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago.”

We certainly couldn’t agree more!

Looks like Emma will have plenty to brag about when she gets older — not every kid at school will have lived 24 years already!

What can you say about this miracle? For sure you have tons of words to say about Emma, right?

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