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Reasons and Explanations Why God Allows Suffering

July 26, 2018
Why God Allows Suffering

Pain and suffering is part of our life. Without darkness, there will be no light. Without pain and trouble, there will be no peace and happiness. But what is the reason why God allows suffering in this world?

Why does He allows us to experience pain and to be put in uncertainty even if we think that we are doing good things in life? Well, to be honest, God also experienced and continuously experiencing suffering.

That means, during His time, suffering already exist in this world. Remember the time when Jesus Christ was being judged and belittled by other people? He was then suffering from pain and disappointment because people don’t trust His visions and missions.

How about the time when He was crucified on the cross because He saved us from our sins? Can you still remember how much Jesus suffered from the cross but keeps on praising and trusting God regardless of His situation?

If these scenarios are still fresh in your mind, then it only goes to show that you understand now that there are a solid reason and purpose why suffering is present up to this very moment.

We might not give you the definite reason behind this, but there are tons of reasons why God allows suffering. Let us all find out these reasons.

1. Suffering allows us to become dependent on God.Reasons and Explanations Why God Allows Suffering

Without suffering and pain, we will not realize that God is here for us. We will only notice His presence if we will be put in pain and suffering. In other words, God is allowing us to experience pain for us to become dependent on Him and for us to trust His plans.

Suffering teaches us to call God and to realize that God is enough for us to feel happy and contented in life. So if you are currently in pain, just call His name and remember that God is in control of your life.

2. Suffering teaches us to become humble like Christ.

When we are suffering from pain and any problems, we are always running to God to ask for His help, miracle, and forgiveness. We are being reminded that life shouldn’t be lived according to your plans, but rather according to God’s plan.

God is allowing us to realize that it is only Him who can help us deal with our sufferings in life. And through our pain, we will become humble like Christ.

And once we become humble in life, that’s the time where He will come to you and save you from your pain because God loves to help those people who have a humble and open heart.

3. Suffering helps us to build a stronger faith.

When we are being tested by different kinds of problems, our faith is growing even stronger and better because we keep on calling His name. But for those who are losing their hope and faith, you have to pick up yourselves now and let God drive your life because your pain will not remain forever.

Your suffering is only temporary. It may end now, tomorrow, or the next few months and years. So keep trusting God alone because He has better plans for your life. Wait patiently and continue praising Him because that’s the only key for you to be heard and be blessed by God.

God will not let us suffer all throughout our lives. So never lose your hope and faith because He knows how to fix you. Just wait and pray for His perfect timing.