QUIZ: What Kind Of First Impression Do You Make?

QUIZ: What Kind Of First Impression Do You Make?

March 9, 2018
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The first impression is the last impression. And no matter what we do to change this adage, we will always choose to base our decisions on the first impression that we have seen with a person or place.

Although there are a few of us who would opt not to use this statement in finalizing their decision (love, career, business, etc…), we should still do our best effort to show the good qualities that we have since this is the only way for us to build a good relationship with someone.

But have you ever wonder what is the impact of your arrival and behavior to others? To be honest, I also want to know but it’s kinda awkward to ask, right? So if you want to solve this curiousness that you have, take this quiz and learn what kind of first impression do you make to a new set of people.

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