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What is Holy Week and What Should Christians Do During this Time?

March 29, 2021
Holy Week

For Christians, Holy Week is very important. They use this sacred time to reflect on Jesus’ journey including the final days of His life—death, burial, and resurrection. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and resumes until Easter Sunday or also called Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.

Holy Week is one of the best times to sit down and create a special bond with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a sacred time for us to have a deep conversation with Him and reflect on the failings that we have done as human beings. Holy Week is a “spiritual time” for Christians.

Both Catholics and Protestants are using this time to remember the life and death of Jesus. So why is Holy Week so important for many religions?

Holy Week is also called Passion Week. It is called Passion because of Jesus’ Passion to sacrifice Himself in order to pay for the sins of His people. To see the biblical meaning of Holy Week, you can refer to the following Bible books and chapters: Matthew chapters 21-27, John chapters 12-19, Mark chapters 11-15, and Luke chapters 19-23.

As Christian, we are all called to be “passion” with our spiritual life. We should all be willing to passionately do a sacrifice everything just like what Jesus did for us. We don’t need to die or let ourselves be in harm to follow Him. All we have to do is follow His way and proclaim the Gospel—the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Holy Week and Meaning of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection for Christians

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is sending us a clear message of hope and faith. It shows to us the truth of life that no matter how deep is our suffering or struggles in life, there’s always hope and that hope will lead us to what we have asked and prayed for.

We may feel like Jesus Christ is not listening to our prayers. We sometimes assume that He is not with us and that He is allowing us to suffer and be in pain. But we all know the truth. God is always with us. We are not alone. The pain you feel today, is the strength you feel tomorrow.

Today might not be your day, but tomorrow can be. What Jesus Christ wants us to do is to just believe in Him. Always trust that His timing is perfect and better than yours. He is present all the time. So be patient and take downtime as a blessing to do enough preparations. And when the time is right, just remember that God will make things happen.

Use this Holy Week as an opportunity to ponder and thank God for all the blessings that you and your family are receiving. Remember to trust the process and be patient. All things are possible if you put your TRUST in HIM.