Watch: The Christian Faith of This Baby Is Stronger Than You Know

Watch: The Christian Faith of This Baby Is Stronger Than You Know

April 26, 2018
Christian Faith

This Texan baby is incredibly amazing because, at your very young age, she already got a strong Christian faith that any mother and father would be proud of.

In the video that was posted by Christopher Julian, Yahtai, the baby, showed the cutest reaction to the word “Hallelujah”.

So as Julian and her daughter were spending some quality time together, Julian uttered the word “Hallelujah” to her baby.

As soon as Yahtai heard the word, she immediately changed her game-time mood to a comfortable and peaceful behavior.

“Every time I say Hallelujah, she jumps on my chest,” Julian says in the video that he uploaded on Youtube.

Julian and his wife explained that they always do pray and worship inside the comforts of their home every night. And because of the good Christian practice, their baby became used to what she always hears.

So everytime that she will hear the highest praise to God, she responds to it quickly while giving her parents pure happiness and honor.

God is indeed powerful. He can change many things without you noticing it. So if you also have a baby inside your home, try to expose him/her to the words of God because this will help them in growing their faith and in creating a better life with God.