WATCH: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Produced a Heartfelt...

WATCH: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Produced a Heartfelt Video Tribute to Billy Graham

March 1, 2018
Image of Billy Graham

The 99-year-old William Franklin Graham Jr. or also known as Billy Graham is a Christian evangelist from North Carolina. The famous pastor who has just died last Wednesday morning (February 21, 2018) has a very peaceful passing according to DeMoss.

He was not in pain when he died, but his loss is truly a big pain for many of us. And due to his great achievements and influence, it is for sure that he will be missed by all religions and Christians including his whole family.

As a matter of fact, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association just created an incredible video tribute to Rev. Billy Graham wherein you can find the full details of his life including his legacy.

Let’s watch the video entitled “A Tribute to Billy Graham” and be inspired by his way of life.