Watch: Abused Woman with a Gun to Her Head Saved by God

Watch: Abused Woman with a Gun to Her Head Saved by God

March 9, 2018
Image of Lakeisha

This testimony by Lakeisha is truly inspiring and moving. She has proven that the loving presence of Jesus Christ is irreplaceable because, during the darkest moments of her life, she saw and feel how God do His ways to save her from the hands of her abusive husband.

At her very young age, Lakeisha was already suffering from having a broken family. When she was just 8 years old, her parents were already divorced. And since most of our young girls are daddy’s girl, young Lakeisha grew up looking for a man’s true love.

And because of her continuous longing for her father, she lost her way and ended up having a relationship with different boys. So when she was 17 years old, she had her first child to the abusive father of her firstborn.

She left with no choice but to move in with the father her child. Even if her partner was too abusive, she still continues to live and have a relationship with her abusive boyfriend and had 3 more kids.

Lakeisha was indeed lost in her life until one day, a woman reminded her that Jesus loves her without any conditions. And no matter what happens, love of Jesus will never fail to her.

Not long after, her abusive partner threatened her life by putting a gun to her head. She knows that her boyfriend will really kill her. So while she was being threatened, she decided to prayed and ask the Lord to help her.

And by an instant, their landlord knocked on the door. And that knocked really saved her life. She believes that God did this to save her and have a second chance at life.

After what happened to her, she finally made her decision to leave her partner and take her kids out of that dangerous situation. She continued praying and believing that God is true and that He is the only reason why we should keep our faith and hope stronger and better.

Let’s watch Lakeisha’s testimony and be inspired by her story.