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[WARNING] Netflix TV Show “Paradise P.D.” Airs Blasphemous Content

May 20, 2021
Netflix TV Show Paradise P.D.

Just recently, the Netflix TV show and animated series “Paradise P.D.” created an online buzz when they aired a blasphemous cartoon of Jesus executing a mass shooting. The scene is very disturbing most especially when they’ve inserted the pornographic scene of Jesus committing immoral acts with two sexy women.

Netflix TV Show Paradise P.D. BlasphemyThe blasphemous scene and actions can be watched on the 4th episode of “Paradise P.D.” entitled “Trigger Warning”. The episode is about convincing the characters Kevin and the Mayor to enact the gun laws and how guns can make a better world. This Netflix show clearly disrespects and trashes the holy image of Jesus Christ.

The episode from the Paradise P.D. TV show deliberately made a grave offense not just to Jesus but to the whole population of Christianity. As the head of the NRA in the TV show continues to share his “positive” thoughts and ideas about the legalization of guns, he told the characters to “imagine a world where Jesus had guns.”

As he told these remarks, the sexually explicit content started to roll out.

Netflix TV Show With Blasphemous Content: More Details

The horrific depiction of Jesus in the animated TV show started as the NRA head played a film showing Jesus in the cross while swearing. As the offensive language continues, the nails in the cross magically transformed into guns. Then the animated Jesus in the TV show point the guns to the guards and shoot them all to death.

After that act, the two sexy female worshippers entered the scene as they were hugged and sexually kissed by the animated Jesus in the TV show.

Watch the Netflix animated TV show “Paradise P.D.” below.

Netflix Unrealistic Animated Series

The whole script is truly off the wall and totally unrealistic. Why did Netflix allow such content? This is a complete display of evilness and disrespect to the faith of many Christians worldwide.

Jesus should not be mocked nor be used when making pointless remarks. Jesus is not an object or a fictional character that should be used on parodies and non-sense shows.

The profanity made on this TV show should now end. Netflix should be careful next time because young people are more expose online most especially now that we are in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mass shooting, porno, and profane language shouldn’t be used in series just to deliver the message to its people.

There are tons of ways to do this. But lambasting the image of Jesus is obviously not the solution. Let us not forget to put a boundary between religion and politics. We may have the freedom to do what we want and express ourselves in different ways, but let us not lose the sense of respect most especially to many Christians and religions in the world.

“Show proper respect to everyone. Love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God and respect the King.” – 1 Peter 2:17

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