Victim of a Heinous Acid Attack Found Her Love with the Help of Her...

Victim of a Heinous Acid Attack Found Her Love with the Help of Her Faith

March 2, 2018
Image of Laxmi

At the age of 15, Laxmi Saa from Dehli, India have proven that life must go on regardless of all the negativities around you. She is a living proof that God’s plan will always be greater and more beautiful than all our disappointments in life.

Laxmi is a victim and survivor of a heinous acid attack. This horrific incident happened when she refused to accept the marriage proposal of an old man who is more than twice her age.

While she was shopping at the markets of South Delhi, her stalker approached her and immediately poured the acid all over her face.

“I felt as if someone had set my whole body on fire,” Laxmi said.

After the acid was poured, a compassionate taxi driver quickly helped her without any hesitation and bring her to the nearest hospital.

She thought that this was the end of everything. In fact, she already gave up her hope of having a normal life after the 9 surgeries that she encountered.

However, because of her courage and strong faith in God, she has decided to join a charity that aims to help many victims of acid attacks in India.

Fact: Acid attack is very common in India. As a matter of fact, there were 300 recorded cases of acid attacks from 2016 while the present ones were unreported.

She became an inspiration to many victims of acid attacks and due to her powerful fighting spirit to help the survivors to move on from what happened with their lives, Alok Dixit, who is also working on the same charity, fell in love with her.

But before Alok confess his feelings for Laxmi, it was Laxmi who fell in love first to Alok because she believes that Alok’s passion was truly incredible.

“He wasn’t like other men my age,” she explained. “He was completely committed to the campaign and making a change in life, and I fell for that. I never told him, though.”

After three months prior to the day when they first met, Alok finally confessed his feelings for Laxmi.

“He said he’d fallen for my courage and spirit,” she recalls.

You know what happened to Laxmi? Her hope was restored and now she is not just a victim and survivor of acid attack because she is now a happy wife of Alok and mother of Pihu who was born on April of 2014.

Laxmi was excited, happy, fulfilled, yet she is still worried that her baby might be scared of her physical appearance. But after she delivered her baby girl, all her worries were changed into something better.

“The moment we locked eyes, I loved her more than anything in the world,” she said. “I never imagined that I would become a mother. . . It has brought unexplainable happiness.”

The story of Laxmi is an incredible blessing which reminds us that everything has a purpose. No matter how hard things may come up to our lives, we should not stop believing in God because He has better plans for us.

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