Thousand Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Faith in God

Thousand Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Faith in God

April 6, 2018
Faith in God

Our faith in God should remain stronger and better each day. No matter how hard is your current situation right now, there’s no reason to let go your faith to Him for He will not let go of you.

Yes, He is always with us and He never stopped from loving us and helping us in every circumstance that we face in life. Even if we feel like He is ignoring us, we should not stop believing in Him and to His plans because God has a purpose in everything that is happening to our lives.

He will not forsake us – believe these words because that’s the only thing that we can do – to believe in all His promises and to believe in what he has planned for us. It is only our faith that can help us to survive this world. And it is only our faith that will bring us closer to Him and to all His miracles.

If you will down, depressed, frustrated, and hopeless, just call His name and let Him control your life for He is the only one who can help you not just with your worries but in all aspects of your life.

So keep your faith in God and rest assured that all your heart’s desire will be fulfilled according to God’s plans.

Watch this video to understand the solid reasons why you should keep your faith in God.