The Significance of Bible Study

The Significance of Bible Study

June 8, 2018
Bible Study

We all know the fact that reading the bible on a daily basis is a must. However, many people are just ignoring this and refuse to do the bible study for they believe that the faith of people is already enough for you to enter the kingdom of God.

But is it true that our faith is enough for us to enter the kingdom of God? Well, to be honest, our faith is not enough because to be able to enter the kingdom of God, we need to ensure that our faith will not just remain in our mind, but it should also reflect in our hearts and actions.

That means we should also do great things not just for ourselves but to other people who are in great need of help. I know this is challenging to do, but if you will opt to do the bible study on a daily basis, this little favor from God will not appear like a difficult challenge for you. Why?

Simply because the Holy Bible will teach us on to become a better person and how we can avoid errors in life or what we called as ‘sins’. Also, if we will study the word of God every day, we will become more motivated to do better things in life.

Aside from these things, there are more reasons why bible study is very significant to be done by many people. And to know these reasons, here are the top 3 explanation why studying the word of God is important:

1. It deepens our faith and devotion to Christ.

One of the top reasons why we should do the bible study is because it will help us to get a stronger and deeper faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. And when get a deeper faith, we will also get a chance to build a solid devotion to Christ.

Yes, our faith can save us. However, if we will not feed our heart and soul with the words of God, our faith in God will slowly die each day because our faith is like our body. If you will not eat healthy foods or do regular exercise, your body will become weak until you get a life-threatening illness.

So if you want to get a healthy connection with God, you should make it a habit to study the words of God thru the use of Bible study.

2. It opens our understanding to know God better each day.

The bible is a book of Christ. That means, everything you want to know about your existence, about the world, and about God, will all be answered clearly and properly in the bible.

So if you have so many questions in your mind and you want to know what are God’s promises, just study the words of God each day for you to learn more about the bible scriptures and for you to also build a stronger connection with God.

3. It encourages us to serve the Lord and help other people.

Bible study will not just feed our souls, minds, and hearts, but it will also encourage us to serve the Lord and help other people because this is the exact thing that Jesus did to His people — helping others and serving our God by spreading the good news.

So if you want to help other people even if you are not financially capable, the easiest thing that you can do is to serve the Lord and extend your knowledge to people who are still innocent about the existence of God.

All in all, the bible study can do a lot of great things not just for ourselves but also to hundreds and millions of people. So if you want to make your life more meaningful, you should start studying the bible for you to explore the opportunities waiting for you.