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The Power of Forgiveness

December 15, 2019
The Power of Forgiveness

Whether it is a conflict with a person or a misconstruing with your loved one or some enduring grievance with your close friends or company affiliates, it impacts you a lot more deeply than you can visualize. The suffering remains in the form of enormous physical and also mental concerns which people often discover hard to let go of. Just how can one mend this circumstance whether it has been triggered to us or by us to others?

“Life is not implied for harming any individual. If you agonized an individual you will surely need to modify the circumstance.” 

Forgiving others may be very hard to do especially to those who have deeply wounded us. The love of Christ is the only one who can set us free from the pain. A heart that knows the power of forgiveness and lets others be free from the grudges of the past is a greater gift you can offer to God.

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Tell God what happened and how you feel. Let him evaluate the situation. Let him touch your soul and heart to able to revive the anger and hurt into peace and love. Deplore your thirst for punishment and revenge. Proclaim God to be the judge over the individual and the situation. 


May we follow Jesus, who is our savior. When he gives us grace, He gives us the power to forgive. May the river of God’s life circulate with us so we pray for everyone we meet. May we admonish every individual of just how much they are loved by God. As we offer our lives away in mercy and love, we set ourselves free. A lot of us do not understand the power of forgiving each other. It is a higher form of repercussion than any one of us has actually ever accomplished.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32).