Seeking Forgiveness from God: How to Ask God for Forgiveness

Seeking Forgiveness from God: How to Ask God for Forgiveness

August 9, 2018
Image of a Praying Man with Open Hands

Seeking forgiveness from God is one of the best ways for us to find peace within our hearts. Regardless of how simple or small is your committed mistake, you should still ask God for forgiveness because that small mistake may have offended God.

We are all imperfect in a lot of ways. We can always make mistakes in life but that’s not an excuse for us to continually commit sins and other things that are pleasing in the eyes of God.

Even if we are imperfect people, we are all being asked to do great things and live a life that is reflected in the life of Jesus Christ. Although this is quite difficult to be done, we still need to develop a Christ-like character such as by having the “fear of God”.

The fear of God is a good start for us to possess a Christ-like character. However, the fear alone is not enough because we all need to have a willing heart who is always ready to give sacrifice at all costs.

And because many of us are not willing to take this challenge from God, tons of people continue to commit mistakes and sins for they have chosen to live their life according to their own plans.

I am not a perfect child of God, but I am pretty sure that He is more than willing to forgive all our sins and accept us to His kingdom because He is a God of forgiveness.

So how will you ask God to forgive you? Is a simple sorry enough for you to be forgiven? Let’s all see these simple tips for us to get a deep connection with God and feel His forgiveness:

1. Confess your sin and admit what you’ve done without justifying it.Seeking Forgiveness from God

To start the process of asking forgiveness to God, you need to confess your sin first and admit what you’ve done without you making any excuses.

With your pure heart and intention, just tell Him the exact thing that you did with no ifs and buts. You don’t need to justify your sin because God knows everything.

He knows the real reason behind your sins, that’s why you don’t need to create stories and excuses for it will only lead to another sin.

2. Admit to yourself that what you did is totally wrong.

After naming your sin, the next thing that you have to do is to admit to yourself and tell God that what you did is totally wrong. Tell God that you exactly know how wrong you are and that you know that your mistake is unacceptable to the laws of God.

3. Tell God how sorry you are for what you did.

Tell God how deeply sorry you are for what you did. Your sincerity should come within your heart and soul because a simple sorry like you just don’t mean it is not acceptable.

Tell Him how much you feel about your sin and how painful it is to break His heart. Let Him know how sorry you are and that you regret doing that sin.

4. Pray for forgiveness.

To be honest, there is no exact or special prayer for forgiveness. But to be able to ask for God’s forgiveness, all you need to do is to talk to God and ask Him to forgive you through the name of Jesus Christ His only son.

Tell God how sorry you are for what you did and explain how bad you feel for disappointing Him. Ask Him to forgive you for only once because you don’t need to repeat yourself or beg to God because one sincere sorry is enough for you to be forgiven.

Remember, God is always willing to forgive any of our sins. All He wants is for us to repent and believe for us to be saved.