The Power of Praying The Lord's Prayer

The Power of Praying The Lord’s Prayer

January 3, 2018
Image of St Albans Cathedral

Praying the Lord’s Prayer is one of the most popular prayers that we are still using up to this very moment. As a matter of fact, Jesus taught this prayer to His disciples to influence His people on how we should pray properly. But as time goes by, hundreds and millions of prayers were formed and created to suit every various intention and heart’s desires.

And because of these powerful prayers, many people chose to change their lives for better and opted to share their lives together with the love and guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ because it is 100% true that praying the God’s word will help you to survive all the obstacles that you are experiencing.

So if you believe that God’s word is truly powerful and life-changing, continue reading this article and make a reflection.

Dear intercessors,

Jesus was passionate about the Word of God. He used it when He prayed. He knew the power of the Word of God in intercession. When He was tempted by the devil in the wilderness, He quoted the Word of God. The devil left because of the power of the Word of God. Jesus knew that speaking the Word of God would bring the spiritual breakthrough in the most difficult times of spiritual attack.

Praying God’s Word fights the fleshly battles of life using His spiritual weapons. This gives us authority in the supernatural realm to pull down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). We no longer are in agreement with darkness but agree with the light of God’s Word.

Praying the Word of God brings freedom, discernment, and protection. God’s Word can bring life in a most amazing way!

In Baghdad, Iraq, a 22-year-old Army Private First Class soldier named Brendan Schweigart was on a critical mission wearing a bulletproof shield for protection. You can only imagine the tension in that situation. Before going out to battle, he carefully tucked his Bible in his pocket beneath his bulletproof shield. While on a dangerous mission, he was shot with a high-powered rifle. The Bible saved his life when it shielded the bullet from his heart. He told his mother that he always carried his Bible into battle. Brendan received a Purple Heart and was soon released from the hospital. The bullet was still in the pages of his Bible, a miraculous reminder of the amazing power and protection of the Word of God.

God’s word is indeed powerful. It can give us new hope when we are at the lowest part of our life. It can protect our lives in times of our battle. And it can even save us against those people who intend to harm us.

Thought to ponder: How many from our company lug our Bibles into war like what Army Private Brendan did when he was on a critical mission?

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