Mom Drops 70 Pounds to Serve as a Good Role Model for Her Baby Girl

Mom Drops 70 Pounds to Serve as a Good Role Model for Her Baby Girl

January 5, 2018
Image of Mom Loses 70 Pounds

It is truly difficult to get a healthy lifestyle most especially if you are a mom who is always on the go. Some of the moms out there would rather spend their free time doing house chores or bond with their kids instead of working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But since our health is our wealth, Rafaela Arlotta decided to change her lifestyle for the sake of her daughter. So let’s see how did she come up with the decision of changing herself for better.

A few of our young women today tend to become lazy when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle due to their busy working schedule and socializing with their friends. This is not a new thing anymore because this situation was already proven by Rafaela Arlotta.

She said that she is indeed lazy and quite careless about her health. She would rather watch her favorite TV series, eat more snacks, and lay on their couch all day instead of exercising.

Rafaela possessed an effective profession yet she consistently made use of her job as a justification certainly not to do any physical exercise at all.

As a matter of fact, even if she is already married, she still maintained the same habit. Rafaela and her husband always opted to dine in restaurants regularly than to cook at the comforts of their home.

And after all the bad habits that she did to her health, she inevitably reached 84 kg. or 185 lbs.

So as time passes by, Rafaela and her husband were realizing that they already need to start their own family. But because of her weight, getting pregnant is becoming a major struggle for them to achieve their desire in life.

After 2 years and all the efforts, Rafaela got pregnant and welcomed a baby girl. And now that she already has a baby, she realized that she needs to change her lifestyle now to serve as a role model for her daughter.

She started to eat healthily and do physical workouts not just because she wanted to look lean and healthy but to inspire her daughter and grow with a good self-esteem.

And now, Rafaela is much happier and satisfied with her life because she is now 115 pounds!

Rafaela Arlotta told Daily Mail:

When Mel was born, I lost only her weight, 7 lbs, and then I lost almost nothing.

Since I work on my own, I only had 47 days of maternity leave, so it was just me and my daughter. I did not have a nanny and my husband only arrived at night.

When she was three months old, I decided to challenge myself.

At this point, I got the nanny [to visit] twice a week. This gave me time to work and to take care of myself while being able to do other things.

I began to organize myself with food. Nothing radical, but cutting the sweets, which I consumed daily until then. I took it as a life challenge to be well with myself because it bothered me a lot… not to like or take a picture.

Rafaela indeed changed her whole lifestyle for her baby girl.

She dropped some her plus-sized dresses because of her weight loss.

And now she is very happy with the result of these changes because aside from the fact that she becomes healthy and fit, she also got the chance to prove to her daughter the true meaning of determination, discipline, passion.

Rafaela Arlotta said:

I did not want to be bitter, unhealthy, out of order. I did not want my daughter to grow up seeing me eat things that only hurt me.

One of the greatest motivations of my journey was to be a better and healthier person for my daughter, Mel.

She only remembers this new Rafaela.

Want to be healthy and lose your weight? Then take Rafaela’s advice – “Take it easy. Go slowly.”