After the Mass Shooting Happened in Florida, Ty Thompson Delivered...

After the Mass Shooting Happened in Florida, Ty Thompson Delivered This Touching Message

March 1, 2018
Image of Ty Thompson

After the unimaginable tragedy that happened last Valentine’s day on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the principal named Ty Thompson imparted his very emotional video message for the whole school community.

Thompson thanked and praised all the heroic efforts and assistance of the students including the staff. He also said to his video message that he will be offering accolades to teachers, students, and other staff since they all did do a great job for following protocols when the gunman entered the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

In addition to this, he also thanked the brave and swift responders who have helped during the deadly disaster. And while he was delivering his message, he became emotional as he talked about the pain that everyone is encountering at this very moment.

“We lost 17 lives on Valentine’s Day. That’s supposed to be the international day of love,” Thompson said. “We’re going to take the love that we got lost on Wednesday and we’re going to spread that over the next day, week, months and maybe even years.”

“I will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need,” he said. “And I will hold you as long as you need me to, for all 3,300 of you and your families and we will get through this together.”

Watch the message of Thompson below: