Learn How to Love Others with Compassion and Empathy

Learn How to Love Others with Compassion and Empathy

August 13, 2018
Image of People Showing Some Love

How to love others with compassion and empathy? Well, the answer to this question is very easy to understand.

However, many of us choose not to take this seriously because for them, loving others such as the strangers in streets, should be excluded from this concept of love for it is really difficult to love others who are not having any connections with you.

Yes, we get that point. But according to 1 Peter 3:8, we should all be in one and love one another like brothers. “Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous.”

Loving other with compassion and empathy doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to build a relationship with a complete stranger. What God wants us to do is to love them not just in words, but also with an action.

According to 1 John 3:17, “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?”

It was clearly stated in this scripture that if you are a true and firm believer of God, you should love others for you to also be loved by God. If you want to get a blessed life, you should share your blessings to others because this is a clear sign that you are really abiding Christ.

So aside from this fact, there are also 3 other ways for us to love others with compassion and empathy such as the following:

1. Love yourselfLearn How to Love Others with Compassion and Empathy

Before you learn loving others, you must love yourself first because how can you love others if you don’t know how to love yourself, right?

So loving other with compassion and empathy will start within you. You should love yourself and accept the fact that we will always commit mistakes in life. Our life is not perfect and we should learn to love whatever we have in life because this is God’s way of telling us that we are not in full control of our lives.

In other words, loving yourself means you are allowing God to take charge of your life. Loving yourself means you are choosing happiness and a positive life despite trials in life for you are trusting God and His plans for your life.

2. Extend your love to those who are already close in your heart.

Your love should also be shared with people who have a relationship with you such as your family, friends, and colleagues. Show empathy and compassion to them in the best way that you can.

If anyone of them needs your help, don’t hesitate to help them with all your heart for they are also made and loved by God. However, you should also set personal boundaries when helping others because most of the time, the needs of others are not filled with good intentions.

These abusers and manipulators of wrongdoings should be loved and understood, but we should not give them a help if we know that they will only use you as an instrument to their evil acts.

Simply pray for that kind of people and let God do what is right for them.

3. Share your love with strangers without any complaints.

Slowly introduce yourself to others by simply being friendly, accommodating, and pleasant. If someone tries to insult you or intimidate you, don’t consider them as your enemies, instead, respond to them with empathy, compassion, and care.

Just assume that the reason why they are doing those things to you is that they are having a bad day or maybe they are dealing with some issues. Just lighten everything because that is what God wants you to do.

Also, instead of waiting for someone to ask some help from you, start looking for charities and groups of people who are really in need so you can share your blessings without waiting for them to ask from you. Your initiation is a good way of showing your care, compassion, and empathy to others. And I’m pretty sure that God will bless you more than what you deserve.

Always go with love with no ifs and buts because God loves us unconditionally.