House in North Augusta, SC Devastated by Fire – Holy Bible Was Saved and Not a Page...

House in North Augusta, SC Devastated by Fire – Holy Bible Was Saved and Not a Page Was Destroyed

April 6, 2018
House Devastated by Fire Holy Bible Saved

Last March, a family from North Augusta, SC encountered a horrifying house fire that resulted in major damages including the death of their family dogs. But despite the horrendous incident, the Holy Bible of Wendy Crawley remained secured and not a page was destroyed.

Although there is some smoke damage on it, the Holy Bible is still in good condition even if the pages were totally wet. According to Wendy, the bible was unprotected and they couldn’t believe the fact that even if it was left wide open in the middle of the house fire, the Bible was still whole like nothing happened.

“It was completely unprotected. It was wide open. All the things around it were burned. Everything in there was destroyed, and there laid my bible,” Wendy explained.

Wendy believes that the survival of the Bible is a miracle from God. Although the tragedy has brought them into a big despair, they still believe that God will not leave their side.

“It’s easy to find God when things are going good, but when you step in the midst of all of that and find him, it’s comforting. God didn’t start that fire, but He has certainly brought you through it,” Wendy said.

No matter how painful was this situation, Wendy still believes that God is so good because none of their family was harmed. And that is the blessing that she would forever treasure.

“The Bible has some water damage and some soot damage, but there is not a page in it burnt. But it just goes to show that God is so good, even when tragedy strikes. God is so good,” Blackwood explained to the Spectrum Local News.