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Here’s How Exceptional Family Prayer Is

March 23, 2022
Here’s How Exceptional Family Prayer Is

Family prayer is the best way to start each day to give us the motivation to do good and have the courage to face daily challenges. In addition, communication through prayer is the best thing we can do to strengthen our relationship with God. The truth is that praying with your family will help you find the true meaning of love, happiness, and peace. And I think this is a good practice that needs to be done by the family; to discover the deeper meaning of each value because this will help each member build a relationship based on God’s teachings.

Want to know how to build a strong relationship with God through family prayer? See the list below.

Power of praying with the family

Family prayer can give us love and be happy in our small win. It helps to motivate us to continue our life even though we feel like giving up. According to a verse from James 5:15, Is anyone in trouble? Let them pray. Let them sing songs of praise. 

Family prayer gives love

The best gift we want to receive from God is endless love with our family. Sometimes we encounter family problems, and that is normal. But through the love of God, we surpass all trials that we face through understanding each other. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is. What matters the most is that we will be facing the struggles of life with love, hope, and strength to conquer the pitfalls of life.

Family prayer finds peace 

Peace can give satisfaction to our hearts. It is like you are living a life without a doubt about yourself. As a child of God, we need to offer forgiveness not just to our family, or other people. We also need to forgive ourselves to forgive people with no ifs and buts. It’s also essential to give peace and forgiveness to maintain a good relationship with the people around us to avoid misunderstandings. So, the importance of family prayer is decisive as it will help us to feel more connected with each other.

Family prayer can improve our relationship with God

God listens to us in every prayer we make. If you have a complete family, you should be thankful to God; because our family is a foundation that we need to be inspired, wake up in the morning, work hard for the family, and be honest in life. 

Prayer will give us contentment, stay humble, and act generously, which will serve as an excellent example to our children.

Family prayer develops good health

Prayer encourages us to be kind. The study shows that prayer can lower stress and motivate us to be good people every day. So it’s better to start your day with prayer together with your family before doing your daily task to give you the motivation to move forward.

Being healthy means more time with family, friends, and whoever people you want to spend your time with. Prayer is powerful in every situation we are in because God is willing to help us become good people every day.

Family prayer means unity

Prayers can unite people despite the differences in terms of religions and their political perspectives. God created each one of us fairly and justly. And through prayers, we find security and unity as we can be united in one regardless of our differences. Through prayer, we can get the clarity and peace that we need for us to be able to give love to others and be more understanding in every life situation.

Family prayer urges children to find God first

One of the best parenting tools is prayer. Children with their innocent hearts must be taught why they should value prayers. They should be set up to see the importance of family prayer by means of habitual praying.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 states that we are to keep God’s words in our hearts and share them with our children. 

Children experience faith through prayer, and it will help them to always seek God’s help at all times. In fact, having the presence of children in our home is a good reminder to each of us that we should always choose goodness as we are becoming the stewards of God’s children.

Family prayers prioritize faith

Praying with family needs the commitment of time. So, when we schedule that time, make sure to set aside everything and have your family join you in spending some special time doing a prayer. Then, during the prayer session, you can ask every family member to share their personal battles so every one of you can pray and call upon God’s name to seek guidance and enlightenment.

Family prayers inspire us to become more patient

Being patient to wait for our long-time prayer is the best gift we can receive from God. Sometimes we feel tired of waiting and just simply give up. Because for us, giving up is the least we can do. God can hear us always, he may not answer our prayer real quick, but God is preparing us for his plans when we are ready for our dreams. He will give us challenges first, so we will be stronger if we achieve that together with our family.

The most powerful tool every people may have is family prayer. If you feel discouraged and stressed with life, work, and family problems, always know that God is here and always be with you! 

Prayer for family


Thank you for being the center of our home, giving us all the fantastic things you do with my family to protect all the important people in my life and ensure that they are always safe with your guidance.

Thank you for the eternal answered prayer. We always wish for simple things, but you always gave us above our expectations because you are very generous in giving us blessings.

Thank you for answering our prayers and letting us know that you are always there for us, especially in our darkest times; you never leave us. 

We hope that you will help our family members to have peace and love with one another. 

Forgive us our sins and extend our forgiveness to each family member. 

We love you always as you loved us unconditionally. 

We always pray that please give us a lot of patience as we experience difficulties and challenges. 

We believe in you! We awe our life to you!

In Jesus’s name, we pray, Amen.