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Happiness is a State of Mind

December 15, 2019
Happiness is a State of Mind

Life is full of numerous challenges that often cause stress and anxiety to a person. They feel that they can no longer stand all the issues they’re facing. In some cases, individuals think they have the worst job in the world. Others imagine they have the worst illness; they really feel that no person can understand what they’re going through.

What is a state of mind? A state of mind is a momentary psychological state, the emotional and intellectual material of our mind at a particular time.

Generally, it’s a mix of feelings and thoughts, which is developed by exactly how we really feel inside. This is a result of how we respond to our outside world, in different scenarios, with different individuals, places, and so on.

A state of mind can be created by external aspects that have an impact on our lives.

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Trust Him

We always assume that we know what is best for us. Numerous times we attempt to step in with our two cents to discover that when we try to change our current situation, we make things even worse. After that, we regret what we have actually done and hope we could make things go back the way they should be. 

On a spiritual note, among the lessons we need to learn is accepting God’s Will. Life would certainly be a lot less complicated if we could accept that God recognizes what is better for us. If we can take a look at the moments in our lives that we hindered God’s Will, we will eventually realize that we messed things up extremely on our own and deeply prayed to him to return things the way they were.

The next time we think that God is not listening to us and things are getting out of control, we just need to sit back, loosen up and take a deep breath. We should give God an opportunity to let things happen according to his will. If we contemplate, we would certainly find that if God had actually paid attention to our grievances and allow us to do things our way, things might not have been in our best interest in any way.

Happiness is a Mindset

Happiness is a mindset. If we believe that God is refraining from what is best for us, we will certainly be miserable. If we understand that we are living according to what God yearns for us and that God is giving us what is best, we would be more than happy and contented.