God Answers Prayers: Meagan's Story About Her Answered Prayers from God

God Answers Prayers: Meagan’s Story About Her Answered Prayers from God

April 13, 2018
Answered Prayer

Stories of answered prayers and miracles from God are truly inspiring. But sometimes, we cannot deny the fact that we feel a little jealousy and insecurities from these blessed people because they’ve already experienced how to receive a blessing from God.

But hey, you don’t need to feel that way, my dear brothers and sisters, because if God is not yet answering your prayers, it only means that God has a prepared a better one for you. He may answer your prayer a little too late, but He will turn your wishes into an answered prayer.

So for us to avoid the feeling of discontentment and jealousy, all we have to do is to continue to pray to God because the only way for us to experience a miracle is to have a constant connection with God through our hearts and minds.

That being said, if you want to boost your faith and love to God, here’s an inspiring story from Meagan and how she found the light with the help of her faith in God.

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