Family on Cleveland Saved by Two Angels?

Family on Cleveland Saved by Two Angels?

January 21, 2018
Image of Talicia Johnson's House

Miracles do happen if you will just keep your faith high. Even if there are unexpected misfortunes that will continuously occur in our life, this should not hinder us from believing in HIS plans, because God will surely help us to stand up again.

Additionally, if you will allow HIM to work things out in your life, you can expect that good thing will come in your way. So always be patient because HE will provide miracles in our life – anytime, anywhere.

And if you want to get a proof that He is true and miraculous, here’s an article that was written by Billy Hallowell about a family in Cleveland who was saved by two angels.

A family in Cleveland, Texas, is eternally grateful to two mystery men who saved their lives when a fire broke out inside of their home in the middle of the night on Saturday; smoke alarms had failed to alert them to the blaze.

These strangers reportedly pounded on Talicia Johnson’s door and windows around 3 a.m in an effort to wake her and her family up. Then, the men called 911 before leaving the scene, The Houston Chronicle reported.

“We think these strangers saved our lives. I believe that wholeheartedly,” Johnson told the outlet. “I think God had them at the right place at the right time.”

Johnson said in a Facebook post that she and her husband, Derrick, initially thought that the men banging on their windows were “a few crackheads needing a lesson.” But in the end, she was filled with gratitude in finding out that they were two good Samaritans who were simply there to save her family.

“They saved the lives of a family of 5,” Johnson said.

She’s now hoping that she can find these two men, who arrived at the house in separate vehicles so that she can thank them for taking the time to risk their own safety for the sake of her and her family.

The family lost almost everything in the fire — photos, clothing, possessions, and keepsakes from Johnson’s late father.

But while Johnson said that she was heartbroken to lose the keepsakes from her dad and grandma, she came to an incredible realization while rushing her kids next door to her mother’s house amid the blaze: material possessions don’t matter.

“I ran to my mom’s house next door when the fire started with my three kids and dropped them on her couch. My oldest daughter was holding the younger two kids as I prayed over them,” Johnson recalled. “I looked at them and realized that everything that was important to me was on that couch. Things are replaceable. My husband and kids aren’t.”

Johnson isn’t giving up on her faith amid the struggle, telling the Chronicle that she and her family went to church the day after the fire so that her 2-year-old son could get a Bible he was expecting to receive from the house of worship.

“I know that God has this,” she said. “He has my family in the palm of his hand and I don’t need to worry.”

Luckily, the community, as well as the family’s church, has rallied around the family, with Johnson saying that a friend wrote on Facebook that they are “fighting this fire with faith” — a sentiment she embraces.