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Faith in the Bible: How to Choose Your Life Verse

Faith in the Bible How to Choose Your Life Verse

I have been a constant believer and reader of teachings in the bible for years now. There are verses and passages that I have liked throughout these years. But there really is a verse that I personally hold dear to my heart, bible teachings that I believe in and constantly practice in life – my life verse.

What is a Life Verse?Faith in the Bible How to Choose Your Life Verse

A life verse is a passage or a verse in the bible that you can say is your favorite verse. It should be something that resonates with you and connects with your soul in a special way as if it is purposely written for you.

It is maybe a verse that completely describes what you are feeling or a certain situation that you’re in, or a passage that depicts one of your experiences or memory. Whatever your reason is, a life verse is something that strengthens your relationship and faith in God.

Life Verse in the Bible: My Quick Backstory

My connection with God was never constant. There are times that even I question my own belief and that makes me in a love and hate relationship with my faith.

During one of my phases that I was not connected with God and where my life seems like it was falling apart, I went to my favorite park where there is a playground. I was mainly there to cry my heart out when I saw writings on one of the slides.

Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

That moment struck me that everything in my life happens for a reason. All that we are facing, may it be hard at times, will prepare us for a greater scheme of things.

This verse taught me that I can find joy in all trials that I may face. This verse will constantly remind me that God has plans for all the things that I desire, that there is a timeline for everything, that God will give me what I deserve, as long as I keep my faith in Him.

How to Choose Your Life Verse in the Bible

1. Constantly read the bible

Since there are a lot of verses to choose from, read the bible constantly and narrow down the verses that speak to you. It can be a verse that is popular or something that isn’t much so. The important thing is to make this verse special to you and it should resonate with your soul.

2. Research your chosen life verses in the bible

When you’ve narrowed down all the verses that you like, research about it. Look up the different translations of these verses to further understand their meanings. You can also note who said the verse and who it is directed to, the scene when it is said, and the complete meaning of the verse.

3. Easy to memorize verses

Pick a verse in the bible that is easy for you to understand, remember, and memorize since you will be upholding the values of this life verse. Choose something that you can easily speak of when asked.

4. Be careful of taking the verse out of context

Here is why researching about the verse is important. Some may take them out of context so choose a verse that is widely understood and would not give less meaning other than what it is intended to be.

5. You can have several life verses and it can change anytime

Some life verses are constant but they can also change over time as it depends on what you are feeling and what your situation is.


Your life verse should be a personal experience. It can be any verse in the bible, however long or short, be it popular or not, a life verse is something that will keep you grounded and constantly have faith in the Lord.