Christian Teachings on Loving Your Enemies

Christian Teachings on Loving Your Enemies

May 1, 2018
Love Your Enemies

I know how difficult it is to apply in reality the Christian teachings on loving your enemies. No matter how eager are you to do kindness to your enemies, there’s still a part of us that will keep us from doing such because of the pain that was marked not just in our hearts but also in our minds.

However, is it really all about the pain that your enemy has inflicted on you? Or is it your ego and pride that holds you back to do the right thing?

Well, I guess both of these matters are the reasons behind the difficulty of loving your enemies. But our ego and pride are the major key players why we are incapable of forgiving, accepting, and loving our enemies.

So to be able to apply the Christian teachings about loving your enemies, you should start doing a sacrifice such as by forgiving your enemies and accepting their sins and flaws as a person.

Forgiving them may seem like an impossible thing to do most especially if that person did a horrible sin. But forgiving your enemies can give you great benefits such as releasing your hurt or pain and allowing the goodness and positivity to live inside your heart.

And when these things happen, you are also giving yourself a big favor since you have allowed God to work in your situation. So free your heart and let God do the works to be able to love your enemies.

Another thing that you have to do for you to get a capability to love your enemies is to pray for them instead of cursing them. Ask the Lord to bless your enemies and help them in whatever that they are facing in life now.

Also, ask the Lord to heal your heart so you can free yourself from all the damaged done by your enemies. Pray to God and ask Him to enlighten the hearts and minds of your enemies. In that way, you can easily process forgiveness and love your enemies without anything in return.

Loving your enemies may sound ridiculous, but for God, this is the right thing to do since the best way to stop a person from doing bad things is to show them what love is and what God can do to them to get a better life.

So start loving your enemies now by forgiving them, praying for them, and by doing good things to them regardless of how rude or sinful they are to you.

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” (Luke 6:27)