Christian Love: This Couple Has Decided to Get Married Inside NICU

Christian Love: This Couple Has Decided to Get Married Inside NICU – Learn Why!

April 19, 2018
Christian Love

Tyler Campbell and Rubia Ferreira decided to celebrate the union of their Christian love inside NICU last February 14, 2018, because they wanted their premature baby girl to be on their side during their wedding ceremony.

The 42-year old Rubia was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome in November and she has found out that this condition will put her baby at risk since this condition will not allow the organ to function well, plus the patient will experience seizures, high blood pressure, and blurred vision.

And because of that matter, the baby should be delivered immediately thru an emergency C-section to be able to save the life of Rubia and her baby.

According to Tyler, he was really nervous that time but he has no choice left but just to stay calm for the sake of her wife. Then on November 8, 2017, Kaelin Maria, daughter of Tyler and Rubia was finally born via C-section at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

And because Rubia gave birth to Kaelin Maria four months earlier than expected, the baby is required to stay at NICU for a few months to receive an around-the-clock care.

So just to make sure that their premature baby will be present on their very special day, the couple has decided to change their wedding plan. Instead of spending their wedding on the beaches of Okinawa, Tyler and Rubia decided to do the wedding in the NICU with the help of the hospital staffs including the neonatologist named Dr. Waldemar Carlo.

“We were very happy, the fact that our daughter could be there with us. We didn’t think we would be able to do anything in the ICU. We were really excited,” Campbell said.

The couple still chooses to become more positive in life despite the condition of her baby. All thanks to God because He is indeed good.


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