A Question to Ponder This Holy Week: Who is Jesus to You?

A Question to Ponder This Holy Week: Who is Jesus to You?

March 31, 2018
Image of a Man and Cross

For a Christian with a strong faith, belief, and love for God, they definitely know the answer to the question of “who is Jesus to you?” But for those people who have a different perspective when it comes to Jesus, they may come up with a different answer to this question.

Some may use some facts to explain who is Jesus. Others will say that He is just a character from a story found in the bible. While a few may say that they don’t even know who Jesus was.

This question is very simple to answer for those who completely know who Jesus is. But this simple question might become the complex one to others who are not a firm believer in Jesus Christ.

But whatever is your response to this question, you have to bear in your mind that your response will define your view and stand as a Christian and as the son/child of God.

So who is Jesus to you? Do you really know Him? Do you know what He has done for you? Have you ever tried to talk to Him and consider asking for guidance and forgiveness? Do you know that no matter how bad, unjust, and unfaithful you are, He will still accept and love you?

Well, if you can’t find the right words to answer these questions, here is a video that will help you in answering the question about who is Jesus to you.