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A Mother’s Love

December 15, 2019
A Mother’s Love

There is always that one person in your life that you can trust. That person who brought you into this world and loves you unconditionally. A love that is valuable and does always exist. The love and care are like a beautiful rose, but a rose that does not perish. Absolutely nothing subdues the warmth that separates you when a mother’s hug is received. Mother’s are always there in your joyous moments, but most notably in your saddest to provide sunlight to your rainy eyes …

Being a mother is the most divine status a woman can experience in life. Giving birth to human life is sharing the creative power of God, and no one can completely understand and feel this gift like a mother. Only mothers know exactly how basic, exhausting, and also exceptionally fulfilling is the work of raising children. Every mother’s touch is love and priceless. A love between a mother and child emerges instantly, as a bond unifying two hearts and souls. A mother’s love is genuine as well as everlasting.

Without a doubt, mothers are the toughest individual we all know. As a mother myself, We have actually been through a lot, yet we were able to raise and educate our children even without companions. Striving hard and making it certain that none of our children were missing out on anything was our primary priority. The love for our children makes it much stronger.

Mother hugging daughter

There is no such thing as supermom, actually– that entire supermom who has everything together is just a misconception. There are genuine moms. Real, authentic moms admit that they do not have it all together but keeps going. We are frightened and worn-out mothers who will not give up no matter what life throws us.  

A mother isn’t based upon outside perfection. A mother is a person, a woman, similar to you. A woman that doesn’t stop even she carries every little thing on her shoulder, yet she keeps fighting. She deals with it, provides, prays, works, and will never quit even when she is about to surrender.

To all the mothers out there, you are all amazing!

Sharing this poem written by my daughter.

That Woman”

In the cold weather of April.

From the moment I opened my eyes.

I’ve seen a beautiful woman looking up the skies.

There she stood with her white hospital gown.

With an invisible, shining crown.

And at that moment, I knew she would be the queen of my life.


She always looked wonderful.

With her clothes that were colorful. She is like a sun shining up from above.

And a flower blooming in the middle of spring.


She is a warrior.

A huge fighter.

She is a massive woman with a fragile and soft heart.

A woman with loads of problems in her cart.

But always solves it all.


That woman is a warrior.

A fighter in a war.

A sister in a family.

A friend in the squad.

A daughter in the house.

That woman is a mother.