A Miracle Prayer That Works: 3 Ways on How You Can Feel and Receive...

A Miracle Prayer That Works: 3 Ways on How You Can Feel and Receive the Miracles from God

March 31, 2018
Image of Trust and Faith

There is no perfect formula for a miracle prayer. But if you will keep on praying, knocking, asking, and searching with the help from God, you can expect that He will always be on your way regardless of the fact that He is not visible in our naked eyes.

But even if we cannot see Him personally, His presence will always ignite in our heart, soul, and mind because that’s how the prayer works. And that’s His way of saying that miracles are real for as long as you will keep your faith, hope, and love for God.

That being said, miracles can do happen anytime in your life if you will not neglect to ask for God’s help. So no matter how devastated you are right now, you should definitely keep on praying and talking to Him for you to get the miracle from God.

To help you in composing an effective miracle prayer, here’s what you need to consider before asking for God’s miracle:

1. Seek for God’s presence.

Before directly asking for God’s miracle, the first thing that you have to do is to seek for God’s presence.

Once you have felt His presence, the next thing that you have to do is to welcome and recognize His powerful presence. Invite Him to help you in dealing with your current situation and trust Him for what He has a plan for your life.

2. Remove all the things that prevent you from receiving the miracles.

Like what was mentioned earlier, miracles are always there for us but the problem is, we cannot feel this miracle since we are being hindered by negativism, hatreds, bitterness, and many evil things.

So if you want to feel and accept the miracles of God, all you have to do is to ask for God’s help for you to remove all these blockages. Of course, prayer is not enough. You also need to do an action for you to be able to remove all these negativities.

3. Be patient and consistent.

Wait for God’s timing. Miracles will not happen according to your desire. It will happen according to God’s plan. So don’t give up and be consistent on praying. God always answers all our prayers. Just trust Him because He exactly knows what to do in your life.