A Christian Ministry Sent a Mysterious Package to a Patient with Terminal Cancer – Find out What Brings the...

A Christian Ministry Sent a Mysterious Package to a Patient with Terminal Cancer – Find out What Brings the Patient to Tears

May 24, 2018
Image of Daniel Thomas

The 32-year old vlogger, Daniel Thomas, got a special package from a Christian ministry known as Love Sews Ministry.

This Christian ministry has a strong vision and mission of giving comfort, hope, and strength thru the help of custom quilts. They are donating their custom quilts to tons of families and individuals who are in need of peace, comfort, and healing.

And the reason why they have opted to provide custom quilts is that they believe that quilts can give security when a person feels like he or she is alone; give comfort when you feel cold or ill, and also to leave a great message that God is always here for us giving us a big hug by means of a quilt.

Daniel was so happy and touched by what this Christian organization has done for him. So despite the fact that he is suffering from a very rare kind of cancer disease known as Pleomorphic Sarcomatoid Carcinoma, he can still find a way to remain the positivity on his life.

So as he discovered that his cancer is already on the terminal stage, Daniel Thomas decided to share his journey to his public by means of his YouTube videos.

He is doing this not just to give updates to his condition but also to raise cancer awareness to many people. If you want to get updates about Daniel, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to get some helpful information that can help you or someone who has health problems.

Right after Daniel got the special package from Love Sews Ministry, he felt so happy because this simple thing can bring hundreds of joy and hope to people who are suffering from different battles of life such as cancer.

“They sent that across to me along with a card here – it was signed by everyone who made the quilt. That needs to be framed because that is awesome and heartwarming,” he said. “The quilt is just amazing – brightly colored and eccentric, just like me.”

“I can’t thank you guys enough. It’s beautiful what you do for people and the amount of joy that you bring with these beautiful quilts.”

Daniel said that comfort is the key when a person feels really unwell. And because quilts can give him the exact comfort that he is looking for, he said that he will always use this quilt every chemo therapy.

Let’s all pray for Daniel to get a stronger faith and body for him to continue his battle against the awful cancer disease.