3 Tips for Christians About Trusting God When Things Are out of Your Control

3 Tips for Christians About Trusting God When Things Are out of Your Control

August 21, 2018
Image of a Praying Man

Stop worrying and start trusting God when things are out of your control. As Christians, we need to keep in our minds that everything in this world was owned and created by God.

And if God can do everything, it only means that He has a solution to every problem that we have in life. So why worry if God can handle it? Why stress yourself if God can solve it?

In other words, you should stop worrying about so many things because your faith will only be jeopardized in a lot of ways. So instead of overthinking and worrying, start trusting God because He is the only one who is in full control of our lives.

That being said, here are some of the tips for Christians about trusting God when things are already out of your control:

1. Surrender everything to God.Trusting God When Things Are out of Your Control

When everything seems impossible to handle, surrender yourself and your troubles to God because He is the nothing is impossible to God.

Turn your worries into worship since this is the only way to live a positive and peaceful life.

I know this is a little bit difficult to do most especially in times of trouble, however, it is only God who can help us to survive this life for He is the one who made this life.

2. Ask God to give you more patience.

Prayer is one of the best solutions to keep your trust in God. Talk to Him through your prayers and ask Him to give you more patience in handling your worries.

Speak to God and let Him know how much you trust Him and His plans for your life.

3. Think about positive things rather than the negative ones.

When negative things want to tear you down, do not entertain it, but instead, try to read bible scriptures about trusting God to live up your spirit and hope in God.

Remember, worrying means you are not trusting God. So every time you feel like you are being filled with so many negative things, change your thoughts to positive ones since it is only yourself and God who can help you in your circumstances in life.

Trusting God is the best way to do when everything is already out of your control. So strengthen your faith in God and 100% sure that all your worries will be replaced with awesome miracles from God.