3 Things to Remember When You Want to Quit Your Job

3 Things to Remember When You Want to Quit Your Job

July 10, 2018
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When you want to quit your job, all the negative thoughts will pop up to your mind. You will start blaming yourself until you have reached the highest peak of your emotions.

But because we all need a job to survive this life, we just can’t make a quick decision and leave our jobs behind for the sake of satisfying our anger and frustrations to the company or business that we are working for.

So instead of letting the stress eat up your whole being, it is much better if you will stop for a while and think about the purpose of God in your life.

And while you are calming yourself, you should remember these 3 things to help you realize that God is in full control of your life:

1. Your faith today will be the same faithfulness the next day.3 Things to Remember When You Want to Quit Your Job

We’re not going to constantly maintain a good work or job we need. Perhaps you’re new out of college and are working a job which doesn’t have anything to do with the amount you simply got. Perhaps you’re in a scenario where you’re working in a job at which you’re overqualified, overworked, and fed up. Perhaps, for the large part, you love the job but you are truly frustrated by the boring jobs which take time out of doing exactly precisely the facets of your project you love.

But you have to remember that God has a purpose why you are on that job. He may be using this opportunity to help you develop and be prepared for a better career in the near future.

2. God brought you to that situation for a reason.

Why has not God opened yet another door for me? Why is He not making any move for me? Why is He letting me be in this job that I hate?

Hey, you to remember the fact that God is here for you. He isn’t holding back you or leaving your side. Whenever you got a feeling that God is hushed during your hard times, bear in your mind that He is moving during this moment.

God will not change regardless of your situation. Rather than studying our situation in the perspective of panic and anxiety, we will have to check at it through hope and faith.

3. The true source of your joy is God, and not your career.

Daily life is a continuous function regardless of what occupation you’re currently working out. Some tasks could be much less complicated than many others, however, all of them have their own challenges.

Do not fall into the trap of believing a new occupation or possibility will probably fix all you dislike in your own life. Jesus will supply all you need and what will make you happy. He is the true source of our joy and not our career.

God might perfectly open up a new chance for you, personally. He can change the workplace to earn your task for a lot much more pleasing. He can even adjust your spirit inside this circumstance and assist you to find it at a new fresh manner; a manner that gives you calmness and never anxiety, hope, perhaps maybe not despise, pride rather than worry.